Peak $350 / Non-peak $300

Grab your singing kakis, head on out to, wait, stay home! Away from the crowd in the comfort of your own house. We’ll bring the party to you. Packed with judging cards to “judge” if your friends are “The Voice” worthy. Tambourines to hype the crowd up. Not one but TWO mics for the lovebirds who loves a duet. Karaoke package is just one of the many fun packages that Stickies House Party has to offer! Want more? Hire a professional singer to be your back up singer! Or as a PK opponent! The fun never stops with stickies house party.

What To Expect

  • Set up services
  • Pop up bar
  • Bartender 
  • Stickies waitress
  • Host
  • Popsical karaoke machine
  • 2 x Microphones 
  • 2 x Tambourines 
  • Novel pass or fail boards
  • Cleaning services (After)
  • Speaker 
  • Ice (2.5kg Per 10L of beer or 1L Liquor)
  • Disposable cups 
  • Photography/Videography services 
  • Event planning 
  • Itinerary 
  • E-Invites 


Reccomended Add-Ons

  • Disco lights ($5 per event)
  • Decoration services (price varies according to event space)
  • Professional singer ($200 per 1.5hrs)