We serve any glass of house poured liquor
or pint of draught beer priced by the time.
That’s $2 for a pint of beer at 2pm and so on!


Our beer towers go for as low as $30 per tower depending on when you visit our bar!


We boast a myriad of games such as Pool, Darts, board games, PS4 games and beer pong to keep everyone entertained while enjoying their drinks.


At Stickies, we keep you entertained with the myriad of games that we offer, such as Pool, Darts, and PS4 games. Priding ourselves in offering the cheapest drinks in town, we are most well-known for our Beer O’Clock and other promotions. We also offer many interesting bar snacks that are sure to satisfy your taste buds! On top of that, we have the friendliest and most energetic staff, ready to provide you with quality service

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What are you waiting for? Make a reservation at any of our outlets now and enjoy the Stickies Experience! See you soon at Stickies! Alcoholics Unite!